PhD colloquium

Are you devoted to social simulation and agent-based modelling? Do you want to make an impact but find it challenging to thrive in a competitive research environment? If so, this is your chance to make a change.

We invite you to join us in co-creating a place of growth for early-career social simulation researchers and their supporters. During this event, we will initiate the “Emergence Community” and envision the future of social simulation in a backcasting workshop.


Our long term goal is to establish a community to foster multi-disciplinary dialogue among members from all around the world. For this, we will promote activities to:

  • strengthen the bond between the community members through regular meetings in a friendly environment,
  • address “real-life” challenges and outline opportunities to overcome them,
  • learn from seasoned researchers about their personal work experiences and ways for growth in research,
  • get fit for the job market in and outside of academia.

Outline of the program:

  1. Introduction and networking
  2. Backcasting workshop
  3. Results and outlook


Timo Szczepanska (UiT The Arctic University of Norway)

Federico Andreotti (Wageningen University & Research)

Leonard Higi (Potsdam University of Applied Sciences)

Diego Dametto (Potsdam University of Applied Sciences)

Nikolas Zöller (Jacobs University Bremen)